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The international ZIM innovation network „Water4All“ pursues the goal of protecting freshwater resources. Three pillars (Urban Environment, Natural Environment, Agricultural Environment) have been defined to map the objectives of the network, all of which are aimed at improving water resource management. 

Innovative solutions, technologies, 

products and services are developed in cooperation with companies and research institutions that aim to improve freshwater management. From the very beginning, the network has had a strong international orientation through development and marketing of projects between our network partners in Germany, Australia, the United States, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Network partners

CeCon Computer Systems GmbH
Location: Berlin
Established since: 1990


Computer programming; development of special software modules, data analysis and simulation software; fuzzy logic and neural networks; image recognition and image processing

Oase GmbH
Location: Hörstel
Established since: 1949


Solutions in the fields of hydraulic engineering, fountain technology and pond management

Polyplan GmbH
Location: Hannover
Established since: 1989


Management of water bodies, lake remediation, microbiology monitoring in aquaculture facilities, quality control with biofilm monitoring

PUS Produktions- und Service GmbH
Location: Lauta
Established since: 1998


Production of products for gas and water treatment from sludges containing ferric hydroxide

Schönborner Armaturen GmbH
Location: Doberlug-Kirchhain OT Hennersdorf
Established since: 1992


Thermowell systems; operating elements for municipal gas, water and waste water management; injection moulds for plastics production

Sentronic GmbH
Location: Dresden
Established since: 1993


Optical oxygen and dissolved oxygen sensors; optical sensors based on fluorescence and optical thin-film effects; NIR and UV/VIS spectroscopy

Söll GmbH
Location: Hof
Established since: 1994


Development and production of goods for drinking water and waste water treatment, water restoration, pond maintenance, fish-keeping, pool and well maintenance; development and production of measuring instruments for water management

Söll GmbH
Location: Chemnitz
Established since: 1991


Water treatment, water remediation, wastewater treatment with full and partial biological treatment plants, sludge removal, sludge analysis

Associated Partners - Science

Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus-Senftenberg
Location: Cottbus


Limnology of open-pit mining lakes; morphology and restoration of lowland streams; ecology and development of rivers in the post-mining landscape; analysis of organic trace pollutants in aqueous media; design, simulation and prototype production of structured lightweight construction systems in metal and fiber composite construction

Freie Universität Berlin
Location: Berlin


Groundwater research; Water resources in urban areas; Controlled recharge of aquifers; Hydrogeology of arid regions; Deep groundwater aquifer systems / Geothermal systems

Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal
Location: Magdeburg


Ecology and remediation of oxbow lakes and water bodies in arid regions; qualitative and quantitative analysis of biological water quality: fish, plankton, macrophytes / phytobenthos and macroinvertebrates; microbiological and hydrochemical water analysis

Universität Bayreuth
Location: Bayreuth


Associated Partners - Industry

Wasser Abwasser Betriebsgesellschaft Radebeul+Coswig mbH
Location: Radebeul
Established since: 2018


Water supply and wastewater disposal in Radebeul and Coswig

Foreign Partners

IMB Centre for Solar Biotechnology – The University of Queensland
Location: Brisbane, Australia


Integration of micro-algae technologies to enable innovative and sustainable biological water treatment processes to improve water quality and oxygen supply; Sustainable water management in agricultural and industrial processes; Water in the mining industry; Integrated municipal water management

San Diego State University, School of Public Health
Location: San Diego, USA


Water quality research and limnology; chemical and microbiological pollutants and risk assessments; bacterial indicators and toxins in both freshwater and estuarine ecosystems; use of constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment

Aarhus University, Center for Electromicrobiotechnology
Location: Aarhus, Denmark


Leiden University
Location: Leiden, Netherlands


Biodiversity and nature conservation, energy-water nexus, water quality, land degradation, floods and droughts, water distribution and sustainability, climate change and sea-level rise; agriculture and food production, water security; molecular sciences; process-based modelling

AlgaEnviro Pty Ltd
Location: Nambour, Australia


Biological water treatment, e.g. administration of phosphorus quantities, reduction of nitrate and ammonia; control of toxic cyanobacteria and aquatic weeds (macrophytes); management of nutrient content in aquaculture; optimisation of trace elements in water bodies

Texplor Benelux b.v.
Location: Breda, Netherlands


Monitoring of groundwater flow, groundwater level, and discharge zones; identification and isolation of contaminant plumes in the subsurface; monitoring of sludge concentrations in rivers, lakes and reservoirs; leak detection in water and wastewater pipelines

Wyncon Industries Pty Ltd
Location: Brisbane, Australia

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T+I Technologie- und InnovationsConsult GmbH has extensive know-how in the field of ZIM network and cluster management. Within the networks that we initiated we support partner companies and scientific institutions in the identification of ideas and development of joint projects. We also support funding applications for innovative projects and ensure that reporting and billing to the promoters is compliant with the guidelines.

Furthermore, we ensure a constant exchange between the participating companies and scientific cooperation partners.

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