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The internationally oriented ZIM Innovation Network “Omniborne Systems – New opportunities for drones” aims to create the necessary technical – technological basis for the demand-oriented expansion of the use and application possibilities of drones, especially in the sectors of agriculture and forestry, environment as well as the stable energy supply of drones/ aviation systems.
As a result of the planned R&D projects, the network partners aim to achieve significant unique selling points and competitive advantages on the international market as well as technological leadership. The cooperation of highly innovative SMEs as well as scientific institutions from 3 continents and 4 countries ensures comprehensive access to the latest technologies.

Network partners

Location: Teltow
Established since: 2001


Laser-based technology (DIAL) for remote detection of methane, detection of leaks in gas pipelines, determination of emissions from methane-emitting plants, and spatial localization of gas emissions

Location: Konz
Established since: 1995


Solutions for power distribution and supply for industrial applications and for applications in networks of public utilities

Industrieelektronik Brandenburg GmbH
Location: Brandenburg
Established since: 1990


Development, realization and support of specially adapted electronics, controllers and regulators for industry

ReinerStemme.aero GmbH
Location: Trebbin, OT Schönhagen
Established since: 2017


Development and production of side-by-side motor gliders with electric propulsion for private and sports use, as well as for scientific use and for monitoring in the civil and military sector

Texplor Exploration & Environmental Technology GmbH
Location: Potsdam
Established since: 1994


Technical, mobile and permanent monitoring systems for industrial and environmental applications; leakage detection in civil engineering and underground construction (e.g. tunnels, subway railroads and underground car parks); geophysical investigations

TU Ilmenau Transfer GmbH
Location: Ilmenau
Established since: 2019


Research expertise/excellence in relation to energy supply and storage systems; complete installation of testing and measuring equipment

Associated Partners - Science

Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus-Senftenberg
Location: Cottbus


Design, simulation and prototyping of structured lightweight systems from metal and fiber composites; functionalization of lightweight materials (e.g. integration of sensor technology)

Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau
Location: Zwickau


Vehicle drive systems; Drive technology / internal combustion engines; Alternative drives / fuel cells

Associated Partners - Industry

Flugplatzgesellschaft Cottbus/Neuhausen mbH
Location: Neuhausen/Spree


Services for helicopters, motor gliders, gliders, air sports equipment, ultralight aircraft, parachute jump, free balloons, airships

Flugplatzgesellschaft Schönhagen mbH
Location: Trebbin


Services for the entire spectrum of general aviation, from ultralights to business jets

Foreign Partners

AirborneLogic Pty Ltd
Location: Urrbrae, Australia


Cutting edge analysis from airborne surveys, providing detailed analysis of crops and surface, and vegetation conditions

Measure Australia Pty Ltd
Location: Sydney, Australia


Drone-based services: LiDAR-based Surveying, Asset, Building & Roof Inspections, BVLOS operations, Aerial Mapping & Land Surveying, complete data collection & processing solution

PhageArmour Ltd
Location: Pyrzyce, Poland


Microbiological testing of various materials, such as polymers, nanomaterials, construction materials, metal alloys, textiles, paper, food/feed additives; development of methods for phage-based bacterial elimination

TC3 Ltd
Location: Stettin, Poland


Production of ultralight and highly resilient multilayer composites based on carbon fiber, aramid (Kevlar) and glass with a cork agglomerate as core material; prototyping and comprehensive 3D scanning and modeling services

University of Queensland
Location: Brisbane, Australia


Evaluate image data by capturing light intensity and light spectrum profiles; development of advanced microalgae systems that use solar energy and CO2 to produce crude oil, biodiesel, jet fuel, ethanol, methane, and hydrogen

University of Waterloo
Location: Waterloo, Canada


Artificial intelligence and computer-assisted image processing; remote sensing (development of algorithms for automatic data evaluation in the interpretation of remote sensing data); creation of 3D maps with cameras and depth measurement equipment for robot navigation

University of Western Australia
Location: Perth, Australia


Computer Vision (particularly 3D), e.g., 3D object Recognition & 3D Biometrics (Face Recognition); machine/deep learning; Signal/Image Processing, Robotics

West Pomeranian University of Technology
Location: Stettin, Poland


Development of new materials and recycling processes; biosensing to screen water for bacterial contaminants; system to produce pyocyanin that can be used in microbial fuel cells or low-voltage devices; interactions between bacteria and nanomaterials

Our International Activities

T+I is actively involved in partnerships and projects for the following locations:
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Several projects in preparation

The aim of the network is to expand and improve drone systems, especially for agriculture and forestry, but also for other areas of application, such as industry, transport or environmental monitoring. In addition to improving drone technology through new manufacturing processes and optimized lightweight construction as well as the development of new drone systems, such as amphibian drones, the fields of application are also to be expanded through new and optimized sensor technology and the infrastructure for safe operation.

T+I Consult

Network Management

T+I Technologie- und InnovationsConsult GmbH has extensive know-how in the field of ZIM network and cluster management. Within the networks that we initiated we support partner companies and scientific institutions in the identification of ideas and development of joint projects. We also support funding applications for innovative projects and ensure that reporting and billing to the promoters is compliant with the guidelines.

Furthermore, we ensure a constant exchange between the participating companies and scientific cooperation partners.

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