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The international ZIM innovation network Agri Energy (AE) aims to develop sustainable energy systems for agricultural purposes. The network focuses on national and international partnerships to initiate and successfully implement R&D projects for renewable energy technologies. Technological excellence and local expertise are combined to bring sustainable change in the energy supply of the agricultural and food industry. The aim is to develop energy technology solutions that enable economically and ecologically sustainable agricultural production. The focus is on integrating renewable energies, innovative control systems and sustainable materials into agricultural business models.
The focus is on energy generation, storage, the use of biogenic residues and the circular economy – combined with decentralization. The aim is to cover the energy requirements of farms in an economical and stable manner, reduce the CO2 footprint and at the same time contribute to environmental protection and food security. The aim is to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and achieve the most self-sufficient energy supply possible, including cost reduction.

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Network partners

Agrargenossenschaft Züllsdorf eG
Location: Züllsdorf
Established since: 1990

Agrargenossenschaft Züllsdorf eG is an agricultural company active in the production of plant and animal products. Farming is focused on the operation of a pig fattening facility and a cattle facility with milk production. The products are processed and marketed directly. Thanks to its many years of experience and the operation of a biogas plant, the agricultural cooperative has extensive agricultural and engineering knowledge.

Altech Batteries GmbH
Location: Spreetal
Established since: 2022


Altech Batteries GmbH is developing a new generation of special batteries. Altech’s stationary solid-state storage systems based on sodium chloride are non-flammable and enable large quantities of electrical energy to be stored in the power grid. The use of innovative materials for electricity storage and the close economic ties to Australia make Altech Batteries GmbH an attractive partner.

Söll GmbH
Location: Hof
Established since: 1994


Söll GmbH develops products for drinking and waste water treatment and for removing bacteria, fungi and harmful algae from water. Söll also manufactures products for pond care, aquaristics, pool care and well care and develops measuring instruments for water management. Other outstanding areas of expertise include laboratory analysis and energy-efficient pond technology and low-voltage technology.

Solyco Technology GmbH
Location: Berlin
Established since: 2007


Solyco Technology GmbH develops and produces innovative photovoltaic modules and photovoltaic system components for use on roofs, open spaces, green roofs, in roof tiles and building facades. The use of new materials and the development of specially adapted photovoltaic systems make Solyco a highly innovative partner for renewable energy systems.

Tevebro GmbH
Location: Nuthetal
Established since: 2023

Tevebro Technologie- und Verfahrensentwicklung für die Nutzung biogener Rohstoffe GmbH develops methods for the processing, treatment and utilization of biogenic waste streams. To this end, Tevebro uses analytical methods to determine raw material profiles and their optimal energetic utilization. With the production of prototypes and product samples as well as food and special feedstuffs, Tevebro GmbH is becoming an important developer in the utilization of residual materials.

Associated Partners

Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus-Senftenberg
Location: Cottbus


BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg is a university that can draw on a wide range of technical expertise. In the field of polymer-based lightweight construction, the focus is on the design, simulation, prototype production and testing of functionally integrated fiber-plastic composites. Along the product-oriented value chain, the department deals with the cross-industry development of energy-efficient lightweight construction solutions and associated production technologies.

Forschungsinstitut für Bergbaufolgelandschaften e.V (FIB)
Location: Finsterwalde


The FIB conducts application-oriented research into the rehabilitation and reuse of mining areas with a focus on the model region of Lusatia. Its core competencies lie in the areas of agricultural and forestry recultivation, soil improvement, landscape development, renaturation and water ecology. Other key areas of work are the adaptation of land use and water management to climate change and the identification of potential synergies between the recultivation process and the value chain with energy systems. To this end, the FIB uses its own environmental laboratory, greenhouse, pilot plant, lysimeter and field trials.

Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz
Location: Zittau


The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Zittau/Görlitz University of Applied Sciences conducts research in the fields of energy and material use of biomass, the analysis of fuels and the evaluation of energy technology systems. Other research focuses include the optimization of the energy efficiency of thermal industrial processes, material processing systems and the simulation and optimization of manufacturing systems and processes.

Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt für Gartenbau und Arboristik e.V. (LVGA)
Location: Müncheberg


Under the roof of the Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt für Gartenbau und Arboristik e.V., the traditions of two experimental sites are being continued together. The Müncheberg fruit-growing research station focuses on the development of alternative cultivation methods in the wake of climate change and the problem of the same-species reproduction of fruit.
At the Großbeeren site, questions of applied vegetation technology in urban areas are being investigated. The project „Small shrubs and herbaceous plants in climate change“ is currently underway here, investigating the resilience of species to increased stress factors.

Technische Hochschule Wildau
Location: Wildau


The Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau has a wide range of technical expertise. The main areas of research at TH Wildau include applied biosciences, computer science/telematics and photonics. The university also has extensive knowledge in the fields of automation technology, regulation and control technology, energy technology, smart production, logistics, aeronautical engineering and fiber composite material technologies.

Foreign Partners

Cherri Global Ltd
Location: Havelock North, Neuseeland


Cherri Global is a New Zealand agricultural company that grows and sells natural and nutritious premium cherries. The company operates large cherry orchards in a future fruit production system.

Domaines Mandour
Location: Agadir, Marokko

Domaines Mandour is an agricultural producer of mandarins and citrus fruits for export to Europe.

IQ Energy Australia Pty Ltd
Location: Victoria, Australien


IQ Energy Australia develops modular biomass heat treatment machines that convert waste streams into valuable resources (heat, gas). By working with businesses and communities, IQ Energy is helping to strengthen the regional circular economy.

IMB Centre for Solar Biotechnology – The University of Queensland
Location: Brisbane, Australia


The Centre for Solar Biotechnology at the University of Queensland conducts multiscale and multidisciplinary research to accelerate the development of advanced light-based industries. Research priorities relevant to the network include the development of advanced microalgae systems that utilize solar energy and CO2 to produce crude oil, biodiesel, jet fuel, ethanol, methane and hydrogen. The center also has strong expertise in solar and bioenergy, circular economy and techno-economic analysis.

University of Technology Sydney
Location: Sydney, Australien


The University of Technology Sydney is a technical university with a focus on biomedicine, electrical energy systems, robotics, machine learning and power electronics. The Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology has outstanding expertise in the field of wireless communication and networking, particularly Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, big data analytics and cyber security.

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